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Our Goals

Be global player in biotechnology

Our Goal is to be a global player in biotechnology, with a special focus in the phage therapy. We aim to develop several biotechnological solutions that will revolutionize the treatment and prevention of diseases, improving the quality of life for individuals across the globe.


We are significantly investing in research and development to stay at the front of biotechnological innovation.


We manage strategic partnerships with academia, research institutions, and other biotech companies to leverage complementary expertise, share resources, and access new markets.

We are committed to:


  1. Superior quality in our products and services.

  2. Exceptional customer experience.

  3. Sustainability and ethical business practices.

  4. Tailor products to unmet needs

  5. Brand's unique offerings and credibility.

  6. Communicate openly and transparently with customers.

  7. Prioritize happiness and well-being of our TEAM and stakeholders.

We want to be recognized not only for our scientific achievements but also for our dedication to Ethical, Environmental, Social, and Governance responsible. We aim to inspire a new era of healthcare with a profound commitment to the well-being of both current and future generations.


We are also attracting top talent in the field of biopharmaceuticals, including scientists, engineers, and business professionals. We have a culture of innovation and collaboration to retain talent and drive continuous improvement.


We are committed to:


  1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing processes.

  2. Improve energy efficiency and adopting renewable energy sources.

  3. Reduce waste, increase recycling, and minimize the environmental impact

  4. Emphasizing ethical in research and in clinical trial outcomes.

  5. Ethical marketing practices avoiding inappropriate promotion.

  6. Patient safety and well-being through reporting on drug safety, adverse events

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Build a Production & I&D Unit

Building a Production and Research & Development (I&D) unit in the biotechnology sector involves careful planning, investment, and adherence to regulatory standards.


We have designed a facility that meets the specific requirements of both production and research activities. Our facility is in the construction phase with the lasted state-of-the-art equipment and technology for both production and I&D activities, including bioreactors, chromatography systems, spectrophotometers, and other specialized instrumentation.


It includes separate areas for sterile manufacturing, laboratory space for I&D, and storage facilities for raw materials and finished products. Ensure compliance with building codes, safety regulations, and environmental standards.


I will be considered factors such as scalability, efficiency, and compatibility with regulatory requirements. This includes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for production facilities and all necessary certifications by the competent Portuguese authorities. It will be implementing robust quality control and quality assurance systems to ensure product safety and efficacy.


It's planned the implement safety protocols and environmental controls to protect personnel, the community, and the environment. This will include measures such as biosafety cabinets, containment systems, waste management procedures, and emergency response plans.


Lxbio Pharmaceuticals is recruiting a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technicians, and support staff with expertise in biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry, and related fields.

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