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Message from Lxbio CEO


We are proud to announce a new partnership that promise to open new avenues for research and innovation. This collaboration will leverage cutting-edge technology and shared knowledge to tackle pressing global health and environmental issues.


Our partnerships across academic institutions, industry leaders, and research organizations are a testament to our belief in the power of collaboration. These alliances not only amplify our capabilities but also accelerate our journey towards groundbreaking discoveries.


Let us continue to be curious, to challenge the status quo, and to pursue excellence in all our endeavors. Together, we will redefine what's possible.


Together forward,

Carlos Paula

11th March 2024

Explorer Investments

Other news

Lxbio Pharmaceuticals (Identificar página @Lxbio Pharmaceuticals) is pleased to announce that an investment agreement has been signed with Explorer SCR (Identificar página @Explorer Investments), a leading investment Fund in Portugal, an investment with a global amount of 6 Million Euros, namely, to support Lxbio research & development projects.

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